Wednesday 19 July 2017

Welcome to the "COMING HOME" Autumn Series

Only a few weeks ago I woke early and went into the study to spend some time with the Lord, I was looking for a piece of music to help me in my morning worship and I came across "I'm Coming Home" by Skylar Grey. I was hooked. The more I listened to the track the more I could sense the Lord working on my heart. I had already settled on the book of Exodus for the Autumn preaching series here at Harehills Lane Baptist Church.

I began to pick up the thread of what the Lord was speaking to me about (You can read this by clicking HERE) I'm so looking forward to this coming series for the Autumn. 

This website is free resource that is full of good quality tools for studying the book of Exodus and dwelling with the themes. The following guide will help you access all the relevant sections.


  • CURRENT SERIES. This is where you get the overview of the whole "Coming Home" Series. The series is outlined and highlighted under this tab. (Click HERE)
  • AUDIO BIBLE. New to this series is the Audio Bible tab. This Audio Bible goes through the book of Exodus chapter by chapter. It's an adventure in listening. (Click HERE)
  • EXODUS RESOURCE. This is a great resource for studying the book of Exodus. There are Bible Studies, Sermons, Reflections, Articles and Geography and a whole lot more. (Click HERE)
  • MEDIA RESOURCE. Pastor Clarence Hardin of the United Body Of Christ Church, Indiana USA takes us through the book of Exodus chapter by chapter. This is a great resource for Home Groups or individual study. (Click HERE)
  • VISUAL RESOURCE. Bookmarks for you bible, post it notes for your fridge, Bible verse reminders, Postcards. This resources is a lovely collection selected passages from the whole book. (Click HERE)
  • MOVIES. A great collection of movies and documentaries on the life of Moses, The Journey of the children of Israel, and a 3D documentary of the Tabernacle are among the collection. Children's movies are included as well. Making this a whole family resource. (Click HERE)
  •  WORSHIP. This tab takes you to twenty contemporary worship songs that touch on the themes that are contained in Exodus. A wonderful resource for those moments of prayer or quiet times. (Click HERE)
  •  EVERYDAY DEVOTIONALS.  Ever found the bible boring or not relevant to where you are at in life. This reflection will give you a boost back into Bible Study that is exciting and powerful.

This where you will find the Sunday service theme, leader, preacher, bible passage, reflection and Cross References.
Click on each week to access the resource.

At the bottom of the left hand column is a list of some of the PARTNERSHIPS that we support. Please use this part of the resource for your prayers. Each of these splendid organisations have needs and would appreciate your ongoing support in prayer, in giving, in volunteering. Perhaps you could use some of the free resources that are on the individual organisations website to help support you in praying for them.

This is where you can access Daily devotions, Audio Devotion, Media Devotions, Christian Radio and Christian TV. There are so many good resources to choose from.

I really hope you enjoy this series and that you discover more about the presence of God as you progress Sunday by Sunday.

One of the Pastors at Harehills Lane Baptist Church.